What you don’t know about… everything 🤷

Your business does not exist in isolation. 

The needs of a small business take a village… nay, a whole city.

Every small business needs a small business service provider to complete its needs. 

And they, in turn, need small business service providers, and so on… 

The business services you need

My role with my small business clients is to simplify central decisions and direction for the business. Amongst those decisions, is which services to hire, why, and when.

Enter a new content series for Tuesday On Your Business. Over the next months, I will share information from a variety of service providers. 

They’ll tell you what you might not know or understand about their work, how it affects you, and how to work with them.

For example: what sort of services should you be hiring from external providers?

What is high-consequence

Think of any branch of work that is highly regulated, like legal contracts, tax returns, tax planning, and more. 

These are jobs for which you want to be hiring specialist providers. People who not only understand the material, but are also up to date with recent changes, subtleties, and a variety of scenarios. 

What they do better than you

We can all write. 

That doesn’t mean we can all write great sales copy. 

We can all plug in our computers and turn them on. 

That doesn’t mean we all know how to maximize speeds and safety on our devices. 

There are a lot of activities that we do every day, but that doesn’t make us experts in those fields. 

And that is why we hire marketers, designers, PR specialists, writers, IT service providers, and more. 

Because they do these things better than we do. We’ll get better results from their work than we can on our own.

What they do cheaper than you

Context switching – moving from one activity to another – is a huge interruption. It takes us 20 minutes to fully switch our brains from one activity to another. 

And that is only one reason to delegate or outsource the work that interrupts us the most. 

Service providers who specialize in things like calendar management, bookkeeping, payroll, and more allow us to get more done with fewer interruptions and take advantage of economies of scale.

What next

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