Passion Needs Action

Learn the Lessons

It is helpful, every now and then, to get a little bit philosophical. Last week’s look at passion was a chance to remind yourself that working through the challenges and successes of running a business is part of the fun. Or “fun”.

It does not, however, stop there. Passion, to have impact, requires action. And action requires decisions. And decisions, as we know, are made up of multiple considerations.

How does a leader inspire action in the right way, in the right people?

What leadership is

We have all heard that leadership is about inspiration, about motivation, that great leaders create new leaders

But how?

What is the right action to take to be a successful leader?

Leaders inspire through direction, direction towards:

  1. Roles
  2. Responsibility
  3. Systems


A leader understand what needs to get done, and identifies the right people to get those things done.

This is not about job titles, and even about work history and technical skills, though those will play a role.

This is about finding the right people to fit into those required roles. And “right” means the correct approach, attitude, mindset, and personal and professional competencies.


Once the roles have been defined and assigned, a leader also determines the responsibilities of each.

It is not enough to say “you must do this job for us”.

A leader understands that direction is about expectations, rather than tasks. So an effective leader tells his people their areas of responsibility, and let’s them use their best skills to live up to those responsibilities.


We know that nothing happens in isolation in a business.

The right system, for the right people to achieve the right goal. This is the system a good leader creates.

This doesn’t have to mean step by step process tasks.

It does have to mean standards of behavior, resource availability, and all brand and performance guidelines.

Lead with action

To be an effective leader, you must inspire your people.

To inspire your people, you must let them know what is expected of them.

How do you share your Roles – Responsibilities – Systems process for your business? Contact me for training.