Innovate Always

It is a growing trend to see businesses allocate specific time to strategy and innovation.

And that’s a good thing.

But it shouldn’t stop there.

Innovation will be effective if it is based on the correct information. That information gathering should be happening continuously.

Here are two ways you can build innovative thinking into your every day work efforts.

Network challenges

In other words: network amongst your clients.

If you have employees, get them to network amongst clients.

Find the associations, groups and educational places where your clients congregate and join those.

Listen to your clients’ needs, preferences, trends, and success stories. Those will form the basis of effective innovation. Always innovate for clients.

Jargon Challenges

Use your team meetings effectively:

Regularly ask your employees for new ways to describe what they do.

Make them use new words and jargon every time. Make a list of words on a white board, words they must not use when describing the product or service.

Also have them describe their client needs using new words.

This will keep ideas fresh.

Innovation looks outwards

To innovate continuously: keep an external focus.