Virtual Workrooms

Join these small group virtual workrooms. These are interactive events in which you "do the work" under my guidance and with input from your peers. Each event includes:

  • A virtual meeting of up to 2 hours
  • Up to ten people
  • A workbook
  • Homework
  • A review of your final deliverable


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with you and I now have a better understanding of my clients wants and needs, and how this relates to them buying my service. "

"Everything was perfect and you explained all the areas we touched on. Good job!!"

Training Reviews

Upcoming Virtual Workrooms are listed below.

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Know Your Clients

Know the difference between what your

client wants and what your client needs.

Handling Sales Objections

Learn the five categories of sales objections,

and how to sell through them

Master Your Meetings

Run fewer meetings

and get better results

Run Your Business

Work in your business or on it?

Plan a business that runs itself