If you hold a one hour meeting that includes four people, you haven't lost one hour of work: you have lost four hours of work. Each meeting is time away from being productive. 

Meetings are essential to manage your team, run your business, and plan your projects. So run meetings that make a difference.

Join this interactive virtual workroom to build your meeting plan

Business Goals

Finalize a list of the essential meetings required for your business


Create a standing agenda that works for all meetings


Learn the communication and tracking needed to master your meetings

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The program includes a 2 hour workroom, homework, and a final review of your meeting plan. 

Minimize your meetings & maximize their impact

  • Learn when you should send a memo instead of holding a meeting 
  • List the types of meetings essential for your business

Streamline meeting preparation & process

  • Create standard agendas for each meeting
  • Easily let everyone know what is expected in each meeting

Get more done with fewer, better meetings

  • Recognize when a meeting is effective
  • See the difference in employee participation and productivity