Make It Easy To Buy From You

You’ve been reading this blog for a while, and have by now determined your market position and messaging. People know who you are, and they know both what you do and what’s in it for them.

Now what?

Do these people know what to do next?

Do they know how to hire you?

If you miss this step in communication, then you are pushing your prospects toward any competitor who remembered it.

What are the next steps

Too often a business owner masters the job of explaining their value, and then ends the conversation, leaving customers to guess, experiment, or research how to hire them.

Don’t make your customers do the work.

What is the next step to working together? Should it be a phone call to discuss a meeting or an online consultation? Do they have to fill in a form or send you information? What is the preferred way to contact you, and what should they tell you or ask for?

Be explicit about the next steps to launching a project together, and make it easy for prospects to fulfill those steps.

What is the experience

And let them know what to expect.

Surprises are great when they include cake, gifts, or visits from long-lost friends.

Surprises are not so great when people are about to part with their time and money. In these scenarios, your customers want to know exactly what to expect.

Let them know the cost. Talk price early on, don’t let discussions get too far and risk an unpleasant surprise. Or, worse: never manage to advance the discussion because your prospects is worried about the price, but not comfortable enough to ask you.

Let them know what to expect going forward. What will be the levels and forms of interactions? What will you require of them? What can they expect from you? How much of their time and active involvement will you need? Will they have to be in specific places at specific times?

Let them know the deliverables and tools, in other words what are you providing to them and what do you expect from them.

Make it easy to buy

The more people know about what comes next, the more likely they are to actually take those steps and work with you.

Your mission is to make it easy for people to buy from you.