Project Planning – Lost In Translation

This image really says it all (click to enlarge).

I don’t have a source, unfortunately, as it was shared with me on a feed. If anybody does know the provenance please do say so in the comments.

We have all seen this happen – in one guise or another. Every business transaction includes the input of numerous people, from back office to management to front office to customer and back again. So much gets lost in translation.

Here we have a perfect illustration – pun intended – of the importance of communication and message alignment throughout a whole organization.

Much of the work I do with small businesses focuses on understanding their clients and market environment. This information, however, is not just for sales and marketing copy. I utilize it to inform all aspects of a business, even those that do not touch a client directly, and further train on ensuring consistency is applied throughout an organization. Ultimately all the moving parts inform a single outcome, and a strong implemented strategy ensures these are aligned.