Inside Your Comfort Zone

Have respect for the comfort zone.

Last week I wrote about working outside your comfort zone – addressing the instruction we are given every day by friends, gurus, and social media memes.

You will note that my suggestion is to always take a step outside this defined “comfort zone”.

In other words: you’re not leaving the comfort zone completely.

Play to your strengths

Clients don’t pay you to experiment, and they don’t pay you to learn. They pay you to deliver on what you promise.

Continue to do what you are good at doing, in the way you are good at doing it.

Continue to do things you enjoy, as you will be more likely to do them well.

But don’t limit yourself to the things you know how to do.

Doing and learning

All of your experience accumulates. Adding to that experience and knowledge means continuous improvement.

Improvement and growth can only come with doing and learning new things.

So operating outside your comfort zone is not about ignoring everything that came before. It is about using all that, and adding something new.