For Love of the Game

This weekend we will see the opening of the FIFA Women’s World Cup; that is the soccer world cup of women’s national teams.

You may already be familiar with my soccer/business analogy, and how a well-run business also has a front office, a midfield, and a defense. 

Women’s soccer specifically brings us another analogy about small businesses versus “the big guys”.

Driven By Passion

As we watch these women play for glory, it is worth remembering that that truly is their main driver: love of the game, and the glory of good form.

The great majority of women soccer players are not paid a living wage or enough not to supplement their salaries with other work. The highest paid players in the world, who make a better salary and probably have endorsement deals, are a handful.

Think of it this way: the top seven leagues in the world spend as much on their players as Paris Saint Germain spent on one player – Neymar.

That says leagues – not teams. Each league is made up of at least a dozen teams. With about 20 plus players per team.

Passion in Business

I have plenty to say about how we define passion in business. But one universal is that to run a small business: we are after more than money.

Every small business also hopes to make a great living and see spectacular growth. At the same time, by running a small business, there is so much time and commitment required that it is in no way the quick way to easy cash.

We play for passion. Whatever that passion is, whatever the mix of drivers and motivation we each have.

The “midfield” analogy can be extended: a soccer team also has coaching staff, fitness staff, technical staff. There are dozens of people involved in the success of each sports team and each athlete.

Running a small business you must also be aware of who is there to train you, guide you, teach you about injury prevention. Use all the resources available to you to drive you to success. No matter how much work: you are never working on it alone.

Inspiration comes from anywhere

Regular readers of this blog already know how much I enjoy soccer. When I watch men’s soccer I am greatly entertained. When I watch women’s soccer I am also greatly inspired.

Because they play for passion.

Just like we do.