Strategic Business Consulting

Make good business decisions

How are you making decisions?

Your business will always be vulnerable to events it can’t control.

Strategic decisions means focusing on what you can control to continue growing your business.

What do you do, why do you do it and how do you do it? Running a business is performance art in multi-tasking and fast decision making. Call on an external point of view to help review your assumptions and plot your decisions within your business strategy.


Ongoing: $220 an hour

Monthly or Quarterly Retainer, including Progress Review and Questions Answered

  • $220 for one hour
  • $1000 up to five hours

What my clients are saying...

Working with Rebecca has given me the insights to grow my business. Her approach makes it easy to see what needs to be done and she has the knowledge to back it up.

- Jason Wade, SiteTrustee

What I'm thinking about business Consulting...

Hire the right person the first time

Hiring is difficult.  It’s complicated, and confusing, and will take a long time.  Here’s one way to simplify your hiring: start with essential skills.  What are essential skills?  Essential skills are the skills you need for the job but don’t have time to teach.  You can teach somebody how to use a hammer to hang…

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Why your business doesn’t “run itself”

Because it is not alive.  Your business isn’t even a real thing. It’s just an idea.  Once people act on that idea and start doing the work, it moves from idea to business. It becomes a “thing”. A business needs people There are many articles written about how to create a business that runs itself. …

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We cannot solve the problems of the future

Because we don’t know what they will be.  Think of all the jobs that exist today but did not exist 20 years ago. Now imagine the other side of the coin: with all the new opportunities we couldn’t have predicted, think of all of the challenges that we won’t be able to predict.  We can’t…

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How to stay busy without losing your mind

A client recently told me that his favorite thing about working with me was the accountability it gave him. We created a new management plan, rolled it out to his employees, and then structured his management meetings.  While he enjoyed all this work, the knowledge of upcoming meetings with me, and knowing that the work…

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Decisions, decisions, decisions: start by saying no.

Decisions. What to eat for breakfast. How much coffee to have. Which route to take to work. What to listen to on the radio. What to do first. What to do later. When to take a break. Which shoes to wear.  Just some of the decisions we have to make within a few hours of…

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The ten minute business plan

Let me start by pointing out that you will not write a “Business Plan” – big B big P – in ten minutes. Not something an investor or a bank would accept.  But you can write a preliminary business plan – small b small p – in ten minutes.  And that business plan will be…

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Take your business from perfect to valuable🤩

Perfection: the absence of flaws.  Generally filed somewhere between time travel, magic wands, and unicorns. In other words: the fantasy section.  The pursuit of perfection in your business will lead nowhere. Replace it with the pursuit of value. After all: “Perfection is the elimination of flaws. Value is the creation of worth.” (For more fun…

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The quick & easy definition of management

And does a business really need it? “Management” and “managers”? Yes and no.  A business can choose to ignore the word and all its derivations. But the truth is that “management” is happening anyway, whether intentional or not. So you may as well make it good.  What does it mean The problem with asking questions…

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The workflow checklist: make it work for you

Knowing what to do is half the battle. The other half is doing it well.  Consider cooking a new recipe. You have to know what the ingredients are, how they should be prepped, and then each step in the cooking process and how to tell when it is time for the next ingredient. That takes…

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The quick and easy solution to business problems

She had a crack in her windshield. She decided she would go to the repair shop to have it looked at, but of course not today, she was too busy today. And not tomorrow, because what if they hold on to the car for hours and she needs it. At some point, when the opportunity…

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