Strategic Business Consulting

Make good business decisions

How are you making decisions?

Your business will always be vulnerable to events it can’t control.

Strategic decisions means focusing on what you can control to continue growing your business.

What do you do, why do you do it and how do you do it? Running a business is performance art in multi-tasking and fast decision making. Call on an external point of view to help review your assumptions and plot your decisions within your business strategy.


Ongoing: $220 an hour

Monthly or Quarterly Retainer, including Progress Review and Questions Answered

  • $220 for one hour
  • $1000 up to five hours

What my clients are saying...

Working with Rebecca has given me the insights to grow my business. Her approach makes it easy to see what needs to be done and she has the knowledge to back it up.

- Jason Wade, SiteTrustee

What I'm thinking about business Consulting...

Financial insight: an essential to grow your business

Your numbers tell a story.  It’s a story about the past, and about right now, and about what could happen in the future.  If your only in-depth look at your financial results is once a year when reporting taxes, it may be time to outsource financial reporting to an expert and so you can use…

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Operational efficiency: an essential to grow your business

Business growth is what we’re talking about, but to achieve growth, you must scale your business.  Growing your business means adding parts. More clients, more employees, more desks, more anything. Scaling your business means that your revenue increases, but your resources stay about the same.  For more on that see my post Why scaling is…

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3 must-know essentials to grow your business

You want to grow your business.  Why else would you be in business if not for some type of growth? After all, growth brings you more than just revenue. It is also about new opportunities, new clients, additional products or services, stronger bargaining power, better talent, and especially: increased value for a future exit.  Growth,…

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Operations: part 1 of the 2 sides of business

Because I like numbers, or because I like lists, or maybe because it was lunchtime and I was hungry, I recently came across this 2020 article about the two sides of business. (The PB&J image showed up first).  Mainly I like business to be simple. A two-sided object is pretty simple. What are operations I…

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Small Business and Cash Flow Issues in 2023

I present part 3 of 3 key business skills: Finance, written by Corbin Cook, Virtual CFO & Exit Plan Advisor. Small businesses can often struggle with cash flow issues.  Managing both the incoming and outgoing funds is an important task that must be done carefully in order for business owners to remain profitable. Cash flow…

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3 key business skills, part 1: Management

“It is easy to be distracted by your customer-facing work, but the foundation of your success will be built on sound management practices.” This quote is the reason I keep returning to this article in Small Biz Viewpoints.  The article highlights three key business skills that owners must nurture. We’ll take a look at each…

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Why delegating is good for your business

Delegating. It sounds so simple.  You’re too busy, you ask somebody else to do some of the work you are doing, and now you are less busy and everything is getting done.  But delegation is much more than that.  Delegation is business management: it is an important part of business decision-making and is necessary for…

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Your org chart shouldn’t look like an octopus

“Make an organizational chart?” He asked me. “But that’s so 20th century, do businesses still do that?” Only the good ones.  The problem was never organizational charts: the problem was always bad organizational charts. And in small businesses, org charts are even harder, because so many people fill multiple roles. Pretty soon they look like…

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Does everybody know your mission statement?

If I ask ten of your employees what your mission statement is, how many different answers will I receive? And how different will they be from your answer? Use your mission statement Your mission statement is a tool. Use it.  I am aware that many people see it as a form of PR, a “nice…

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Are you achieving all of your goals on time?

The next question is: does it matter? What’s most important to you when it comes to achieving your goals? Meeting a deadline Checking a “completed” box Creating new value in your business You probably know where I am going with this: goals aren’t about dates and times.  Goals add value to your business.  What has…

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