Business Management

Business Management

Managing a business is an ongoing balance of decision making, problem solving, future telling, and system building. 

When you are after a quick review or fix about process, messaging, sales, hiring or improving your internal meetings, The Pieces half day workshop is what you need.

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Single Session, $1450.- 

Pick a workshop refresh you and your team about

  • Customer Context Communications
  • The Buyer Journey
  • Why People Don't Buy
  • How To Hold Better Meetings
  • Hiring Wisely
  • Building Your Mission Statement

Jamie Fulsang

Focus Creative Solutions

Rebecca is a savvy coach and really can help businesses avoid mistakes BEFORE they make them. She has a warm personality and is knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend chatting with her about how she might be able to help your business!

Jay Hobdy

Gotcha Security

What I find extremely helpful, is the customized solution you have provided. Instead of putting us through a standard one size fits all program, you are helping us work on the aspects that are most important to us. This allows us to focus on the areas that generate the most cash flow, while tweaking more long-term goals. This is key to us as a young company.

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Decision Making Options – Reader Comment

Last month I shared a Reading Room post about Decision Making; it was a series of links to popular methodologies for making decisions. A reader question requested some more information on these methods in action. Ryan Williams is the president of Websuasion, an app development company, and he asked: Thanks for this breakdown, Rebecca. Our…

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Management versus Leadership

There is plenty of talk about management versus leadership, often pitting the two in opposition to one another. Generally the contrast is based on a leader being focused on inspiration, and a manager being focused on activities. I agree with these assessments, but I also believe both are necessary in a well-run company. Leaders and…

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Reading Room – Decision Making

Decision Making in business is a common subject of mine. This blog is about strategy, and strategy is about knowing how and when to make the right decisions. In addition, I have been quoted on the NCR Silver blog on this topic, and one of my Udemy courses is a framework for making group decisions…

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Practice Makes Perfect … Maybe

Roger Federer, the great tennis player, was not always the Roger Federer we know today. In his early competition years he was known to make unforced errors and throw tantrums at his own mistakes. As he tells it, he had a natural affinity for tennis. Many complicated decisions and techniques came easy to him, and…

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How to Build Strong Business Values

Values are all about self-reflection. The good news is: you have complete control over your corporate values. There are few things in business over which you can claim to have full control. But values is one of them and that makes it essential to your strategy. The bad news is: we often get lost in…

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Manage Like an Italian Nonna

I have written in the past about the similarities between good management and Italian food. Today let’s elaborate on how to make this happen. “Nonna” is Italian for grandmother, and it is typical for people to use their “Nonna”‘s classic recipe for whatever they are cooking – the previously mentioned secret ingredient or special step.…

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There’s No Such Thing as a Vegetable Lasagna

Lasagna – a quintessential dish of the Italian cuisine. Originally from the Emilia Romagna region, which is really the home of pasta. It includes all the best of the regional cuisine: tasty pasta, creamy bechamel sauce, and flavorful ragú bolognese. This last is a meat sauce. With so many elements it is typical to find…

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Reading Room – Agile Process

It is everywhere, both praised and maligned but never ignorable. Agile. You may have heard of it in the technology sphere, as in Agile Development, and perhaps also in the business sphere as the methodology permeates all part of business management. To close off my series on process, it is worth addressing Agile as the…

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It’s Time to Start Enjoying Business Process

I mean… what’s not to enjoy? Building a process that begins at point A, understands the arrival point B, and connects all those dots with effective steps and outcomes is actually the sort of thing I might do for fun. But then, that’s why I am in this job and my clients are in theirs,…

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Resource Audit – A Story

To close out this content series about resource audits, how about a mini case study… a story, if you will, about a resource audit applied? The client A software business with an established product in its chosen market. The management board had a development plan for a new product, and data to prove a market…

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