Business Management

Business Management

Managing a business is an ongoing balance of decision making, problem solving, future telling, and system building. 

Need someone to look over your shoulder and brainstorm strengths and opportunities with you? Work with me for a half or full day, letting me shadow your efforts and talking through your main priorities and concerns. This full day consult will end with a final report on our discussion points and next actions for success.

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Half Day, $1450.- 

Full Day, $2800.-

Jamie Fulsang

Focus Creative Solutions

Rebecca is a savvy coach and really can help businesses avoid mistakes BEFORE they make them. She has a warm personality and is knowledgeable and kind. I highly recommend chatting with her about how she might be able to help your business!

Jay Hobdy

Gotcha Security

What I find extremely helpful, is the customized solution you have provided. Instead of putting us through a standard one size fits all program, you are helping us work on the aspects that are most important to us. This allows us to focus on the areas that generate the most cash flow, while tweaking more long-term goals. This is key to us as a young company.

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What is (not) a meeting

Meetings: you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them, and you can barely live through most of them.  It saddens me that meetings have such a bad reputation these days, because they should be one of your most effective business tools. But meetings have been abused and overused for so long.  There has…

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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

“Decision Making”, “Problem Solving”, “Innovation” … We all hear these words in our business every day. But what does it all mean? And how do they fit together? These are all about answering the question: “what should we do next”.  And the title to this post is no accident: when it comes to decisions in…

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The Best Way To Buy Software

Is to do it last. This post remains relevant to my usual themes, if the subject is more tactical than usual. We all need software tools to run our business, and our choices here can impact business in a good or bad way. The latter happens when the software choice is made first, and business…

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Write Your Business Plan

Because writing the Business Plan is the most important part of it all. Following on last week’s discussion about what investors want to see and why they would give you their money: to pitch an investor you would write a business plan. If you are not pitching investors … write it anyway. Write it for…

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How To Attract Investors To Your Ideas

In all the forums and advice groups in which I participate, this question (and its many variations) is a common one. Not all businesses look for investors, but the answer to this question serves business owners in general planning as well, so it is always worth addressing. Indeed collecting the information you may need to…

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Better Time Management: Schedule What’s Important

It makes me flinch a little every time: somebody powers up a computer, opens their calendar and suddenly its notification chaos. There are overlapping commitments, at least seven different colors for different event types, and event titles that say little or nothing… “meet with Pete”, … “Design”, … And yet: those are the people who…

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Halt & Catch Fire – Lesson

Specifically: the first season of the show Halt & Catch Fire. Spoiler Warning: I do not mention any story or plot specifics below, but in discussing the themes a certain amount of the first season is revealed. This first season of the show is about the early development of computers, it’s about disruption in a…

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Small Business Resource Audit

Running a business requires more than money and time. Every investment is a resource. Last summer I posted a short series on this blog about how to run a resource audit. For a solo-preneur or a new small business owner, there is a simple model to use to address all your key resource allocation from…

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House of Gucci – Lesson

House of Gucci, by Sara Gay Forden, is a book telling the story of the Gucci family, brand, and business. This is neither a review nor a re-telling, there will be no spoilers here. This is a key lesson from the book. And, surprisingly, it is not specifically about the dangers of a family-run business.…

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Time To Dismantle Your Business

This has come up before on this blog: if you can cannibalize your business, you should. This is part of the promise of excellence that you make to your clients. To always be excellent, you must always be improving. Running a business tends to leave little time for strategic thinking. One key goal of this…

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