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Are you spending too much time working in your business and not enough on your business?

Businesses are complex and fast-moving organisms, and trying to keep everything running is easily overwhelming.

Let’s work together to create the plan, organize activities, and direct action, making your decisions easy and giving you the right balance between working in your business and on your business




Manage your business with guidance, accountability, and structure. 

How does it work?

Together we will build a 6 month plan for improving how you run your business in the day to day, making things simpler and giving you more time to focus on working on the business. 

After an initial planning meeting you will receive a report with the goals and tasks for improvement. We will meet monthly for the following five months and report on progress, fix any concerns, and decide next steps for the upcoming month. 

Pricing: $3500.- invoiced at $550.- monthly

Online courses

Prefer to learn on your own time? Select from my list of courses below

Improve your decision making. Learn:

    1. the difference between the three types of business decisions
    2. what you GAIN and what you LOSE with any decision you make
    3. a simple approach to making good decisions

Each course includes a final project. 

Need assistance implementing what you have learned? Hire me to review and finalize your final project: 

  1. Send me your completed project
  2. We run an online discussion one week later
  3. You receive a final report

Pricing: $550.-

Sample Report

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An outcome of the business planning that you helped me with was the realization that the business model I was in caused me to put out urgent fires instead of focusing on what is important.

Jason Conn

US Bank

Rebecca Brizi spends her time building leaders who have clear goals, clear responsibilities, and a clear process. ... always prepared with a clear mission and a great attitude, I'm sure she will inspire.

Brendon Hall

Sheldon Baker Group

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