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You are a small business CEO. Which means you are not a full-time CEO. You are also an HR manager, an operations director, a marketing strategist, a craftsperson, and there is a pretty good chance you are ordering stationery. 

When you started your business you had a vision of what it could be. Let's make sure it gets there. 

Nancy had that vision. Three years business is good, but she is not: she has lost all control over her time and decisions and is stuck in a rut of priority paralysis. She doesn't mind being busy, but not like this. Nancy called me to bring order back into her business, so we started broad and built a plan and expectations for each major area of work. Halfway through our engagement she could already see the light at the end of the tunnel: she was back in control.

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An outcome of the business planning that you helped me with was the realization that the business model I was in caused me to put out urgent fires instead of focusing on what is important.

Jason Conn

US Bank

Rebecca Brizi spends her time building leaders who have clear goals, clear responsibilities, and a clear process. ... always prepared with a clear mission and a great attitude, I'm sure she will inspire.

Brendon Hall

Sheldon Baker Group

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