Running a business is a balancing act, first and foremost of working at your business versus working in your business.

My job is to help my clients manage this balance effectively increasing productivity, growth, and focus.

The Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship has the same goal. They provide classes, training programs, speakers and, of course, their annual Small Business Leadership Conference.

Where, you guessed it, you can find yours truly, speaking on August 2nd at 9.30AM.

As they explain: “The theme of the 2018 Conference, ‘It’s All About The Customer’ will reflect the importance of a small business’ relationship with its customers, and provide the opportunity to learn innovative techniques, solutions and practices that can help improve all aspects of customer relations.”

And it is true, I have written about the evolution of sales conversations. In the last ten years alone we have seen more and more research proving the customer-centricity of the business world. And it is something I preach constantly: continue to solve problems for other people and you will be in business.

So clear your calendar for a few days in August, hop over to Orlando for a few days to learn, network and teach with other business owners, business leaders and business thinkers.