On October 23rd, the Georgia chapter of the Special Libraries Association had the pleasure of hosting Jill Wener, doctor and meditation coach, to talk to us about stress management.

Most SLA members are people who work in offices, with colleagues, serving internal clients, managing multiple projects, … all factors that can add to stress in a day at work.

Jill told us about all the physiological effects of stress factors, and how they can accumulate. It starts with little things, or can be a series of little things. But each incident lowers our patience and adaptability to situations, which is at its highest when we first wake up.

And, let’s be frank, there is a lot that can happen to contribute to general feelings of unease, displeasure, or just being overwhelmed. Between people’s requests and interruptions, competing deadlines, computers and software not working, and more.

We learned, with Jill, some ways to settle our minds in the moment. Sighing, for example, is a helpful tool – although you may want to do that in private as it is not always well perceived. Structured breathing can also help, and clearing your mind of all those stress triggers. Even for a brief moment, this will give a boost of stamina to help deal with a stressful day.