To Touch Base

“I will be in touch”. With an implication of “briefly”.

It is a way to say that I will be contacting you, with nothing to urgent or in any case only for a quick moment.

Actual Meaning

A simple one for my American readers: the expression comes from baseball, where the action of physically touching a base means the player in question is safe.

For now.

And this is where the adaptation came. A player is only on any given base for a short period of time, so it has come to mean checking in briefly, before moving on.


This is about better communication and better planning. Know what the next step is and communicate it.

Instead of “I will touch base Tuesday”, say “I will give you a call Tuesday to confirm you have all the information you need”, or “let’s meet on Tuesday to agree the plan after this stage”, etc. etc.

Tell your counterpart what and when. It will be appreciated, I assure you.