A return to the Professional Patois series examining popular buzzwords brings us to address the term:

Next Generation

New. Improved. This 2010s version of calling something “2.0”.

Actual Meaning

And, of course, that is the actual meaning.

The problem arises with the term’s over-use. Suddenly everything is “next generation”, sometimes when what it really is is simply “slightly improved”.

And let me be clear: there is nothing wrong with “slightly improved”. Indeed small quick adjustments are easier for clients to adopt and learn than major overhauls, so plan your development strategy carefully.


If you can list the differences between the previous version and this one, and it truly heralds a new look, application and use of your product, then perhaps “Next Gen” will do.

Otherwise, as always, be particular about what is actually new. As mentioned this specificity will be easier for your clients to understand and make them adopt your changes more easily than otherwise.