Why your business doesn’t “run itself”

Because it is not alive. 

Your business isn’t even a real thing. It’s just an idea. 

Once people act on that idea and start doing the work, it moves from idea to business. It becomes a “thing”.

A business needs people

There are many articles written about how to create a business that runs itself. 

All of them share one thing in common: someone – a person, or people – is actually running the business. This series of articles should be titled “How to build a business that is run by humans but not you”. 

The best thing you can do to make your business run smoothly is to make those humans happy

Give your employees attention, support, and direction, and they will run your business for you. Or at least the parts you want them to run

You can choose your role

Maybe what you want isn’t a business that runs itself. 

Maybe what you want is a different job within your business. 

What part of your work do you enjoy the most? Which jobs are your favorites? How do you wish to spend your days?

Make the decision about what you want to be doing. 

Get rid of the rest

Take a look at where else you are spending your time. 

Make a list of those things. 

Take a look at that list and decide what you will delegate, what you can automate, and what you can simply stop doing. 

And a bonus tip: turn off your email notifications.

What next

Do this right now. Not sure how to delegate or where to start? Contact me to schedule a 30-minute discovery call, let’s pinpoint your biggest challenge and see if we can craft a solution.